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My Story

A few years back, my parents decided it was time to simplify their lives. They were living in house that was perfect for their 4 sons to grow up in, but now there were rooms that they had not been into in years. As motivated they were to move, the process of how and what to do was overwhelming. As I began to work with them, I begun to understand their overwhelming anxiety. It felt we were the first ones to do this. There were people who we could hire to sell the house, different people we could hire to move their stuff, different people we could hire to sell stuff and even different people we could hire to repair, clean, and prep their house. There seemed to be plenty of people we could hire but no real plan on when, where and how. As none of the people worked together, they relied on me or my parents to connect the dots. Needless to say, It was a long 6 months.

Michael Oliver

Founder Your Last House